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HERBERT® supplies machines, molds, tire mold containers, tire building drums and other toolings for the production of tires to all tire manufacturers around the world since 1905.
The latest developments at HERBERT are laser engraving for sidewallplates for tire molds as well as the 3D-Metalprint (Selective Laser Melting) of tread segments. As customers of the tire manufacturers, you will see in near future modifications in sidewall designs and in the tread pattern of tires. This is also a result of the research and development department at HERBERT.

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We are experts for innovative solutions for the economic production of tires of all dimensions. HERBERT has a big experience in development, construction and manufacturing of tire curing presses of many kinds and in any dimension. You will get anything at HERBERT out of one hand if it comes to vulcanization of tires. Different types of hydraulic tire curing presses of for PSR and MCR, TBR as well as airplane tires belongs to our product range as well as tire building drums or transfer rings. Post Cure Inflators (PCI), as well as bladder presses and bladder molds completes our product range. You can find further information to our products on the product sites.

Matthias Walter CEO

Matthias Walter CEO

Latest innovations at Herbert

3D-Laser Technology

We are specialists for construction, development and manufacturing of complex geometries in 3D-Metal-Printing. With our experience with additive manufacturing, we assist our customers worldwide from the idea to the finished product. With our selective laser melting (SLM) we offer a tool-free and topology optimized manufacturing of complex mold parts made from various metals. Our 3D-Metal-Printing-Process offers limitless options in manufacturing possibilities. Our strength is molds for tires and tools in pure metal printing and in hybrid (i.e. printed 3D-tread ribs for tire molds from steel).

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