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of HERBERT Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

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Within the framework of the corporate due diligence concerning the fulfillment of requirements and the expectations of our customers and other interested parties, the quality of our products, the protection of the environment and the natural resources as well as the assurance, development and improvement of the productive efficiency of our company we herewith stipulate the policy of HERBERT Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG.

It is the target of our company policy to assure with a wide spread company quality and customer orientation pertaining all company processes, that our customers receive on time top quality, reliable and reasonably priced products as well as to guarantee a consequent orientation to the requirements of our customers in all areas of our company.

The protection of the environment, i.e. avoidance of environmental pollution and the efficient exposure with existing energy resources generate another important component of our company policy. We are aware that our activities are influential to the environment. Therefore it is our obligation to reduce these adverse effects within the frame work of the economic and technical possibilities to a minimum. This also includes the respectful handling of existing energy resources. By continuous improvement of energy efficiency and, connected to this, an improvement of the energetic performance, we contribute our part to the reduction of environmental pollution.

Based on the responsibility towards mankind and environment we set the goal to harmonize a high quality enduring production of our products and the continuous improvement of our environmental and energetic performances. The continuous improvement of our quality, environmental and energy related performance is the precondition for us for the economic efficiency of our company and an important contribution to the protection of the environment.

The company management accommodates this company policy by

  • communicating the company policy and the thereof derived targets to all members of the staff, as well as to all people and organizations resp. companies performing on our behalf,
  • adhering to the valid legal responsibilities and other valid requirements, which our company admits to,
  • promoting a high level of qualification to our staff members and providing the necessary resources,
  • evaluating, reassessing and, if necessary, updating the company policy on a regularly basis and making it accessible to the public.

In all areas of our company, starting with the management up to last but not least the dispatch department for our products, we are striving to prevent mistakes as well as eliminating unnecessary environmental pollution and waste of energy. Causes for deflection, once discovered and determined sources for mistakes are consequently eliminated in order to achieve a continuous improvement for our company processes.

Our understanding of the management as well as the attitude of our staff members in reference to quality and the protection of the environment are the precondition for the satisfaction of our customers and therefore also for the enduring success of our company.

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