Tire Building Drums

HERBERT tire building drums have been part of the production range of HERBERT for a long time. They are constructed in accordance to customer drawings as well as to our own designs.
They are manufactured in a steel-welded construction or with the target to reduce the weight partially as an aluminum-welded construction. They are equipped with hardened and grinded bolts and bushings.

CNC machines assure highest extend of accuracy. After completion the drums are tested under extreme conditions. This guarantees that the values measured will be maintained over a long period thereafter.
HERBERT offers different variations of tire building drums. These include:

  • Radially expandable tire building drums (expansion drums)
  • Radially collapsible tire building drums (collapsible drums)
  • Uni-stage drums
  • Continuously adjustable drums
  • Special drums for the areas of scooter, mining, industry, motor sports etc.

HERBERT tire building drums work worldwide to the satisfaction of all customers!

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